Picture finalist International Competition of Nature Photography (Montphoto) 2014.

Finally it has not been possible to win but at least one of my pictures has been elected as finalist in the Montphoto photo contest.

Overall over 6000 pictures were presented, 2 of my pictures made to the final stage in the mountain activity category one of them going to the final stage.

The picture was taken at the beginning of the year in Rjukan, Norway.

Below you have the link where you can see some amazing pictures.

Congratulations to the winners and I will try again next year!!!!



Finalmente no ha podido ser pero por lo menos una de mis fotos ha sido finalista en el concurso de fotografía Montphoto.

Más de 6000 fotos se presentaron al concurso, 2 fotos mías llegaron a la fase final en la sección actividad de montaña y una de ellas a la final.

La foto finalista fue tomada a principios de año en Rjukan, Noruega.

Os dejo debajo el link donde podéis ver fotos fantásticas.

Enhorabuena a los ganadores y nos vemos el años que viene!!!!



One comment on "Picture finalist International Competition of Nature Photography (Montphoto) 2014."

  1. Patxo Dávila on

    Muy buena la foto, Zorionak!!!

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