Everything we see, everything that captures our view is perishable, volatile. Now an image is in our retina, now disappears, replaced by another one.

We get so much information that makes difficult to discriminate what to choose , what we want to keep.

I have always asked myself where do the beautiful images we contemplate through our lives go?I have always asked myself if would be possible to store them, avoiding our memory to betray and forget them.

The first time I hold in my hands my father´s camera a Praktica LTL 3, I understood that the small black box provided with lenses could do the miracle: retain the images, retain the moments, preserve intact a landscape, a gesture, a glance.

I consider photography as an emotion holder, and I confess myself being a passionate about the mountains´beauty, the athletes´effort, the art of the musicians I photograph in concerts, anything that deserves to be kept intact as time passes by.

Keep a moment. Share a moment. We are fortunate to be able to do so.