Errefuxiatuak. Nostalgia, Memoria y Exilio @ Photomuseum

Errefuxiatuak. Nostalgia, Memoria y Exilio @ Photomuseum (Zarautz)16/06/2021 – 25/07/2021 – Errefuxiatuak.pdf La exposición se vertebra en tres espacios: Bidasoa, Éxodo y Memoria Histórica, recogiendo la obra gráfica de: Andoni Lubaki, Diego Ibarra, Santi Palacios, Ricardo García Vilanova, Javi Julio, Daniel Castro, Juantxo Egaña, Jesús Elosegui, Philippe Gaussot y Arkaitz Saiz. La Humanidad a lo largo… Continue reading Errefuxiatuak. Nostalgia, Memoria y Exilio @ Photomuseum

HAZIA (teaser)

Hazia [seed in Basque] is a documentary project about the meaning of the land from the point of view of different protagonists. For some people, like Ceberio, cultivate their garden has always been a pleasant place where they can escape from daily problems, to feel fulfilled by the work. To see how food grew from… Continue reading HAZIA (teaser)