HAZIA (teaser)

Hazia [seed in Basque] is a documentary project about the meaning of the land from the point of view of different protagonists.

For some people, like Ceberio, cultivate their garden has always been a pleasant place where they can escape from daily problems, to feel fulfilled by the work. To see how food grew from a seed seems magical event which result can be share with family and friends, the nature’s bounty.

For the sisters Xelex and Mari Karmen, working the land has been, in part, an imposed inheritance by the family land, which it had to be worked daily. It is a hard work but at the same time, it is comforting to know that it is the same land that had been worked generation after generation.

For Leire the land means a new opportunity. After many years working in the haute cuisine restaurant Mugaritz, she decided to undertake a new phase in her life as a farmer. The hard work become at same time rewarding but nonetheless unstable since the final result does not always depend on her good work; “if the weather is adverse for a long period, you may not have any product to sell on the market”.

Hazia is a project by Mikel Sagarzazu, Vanessa Aramburu and Arkaitz Saiz.