Rolwaling Ice Climbing @ TrangoWorld

Mountain climbers and guides Dani Ascaso and Santi Padros enter the remote Rolwaling Valley in the Nepali Himalayas. Rolwaling is known for its mountains such as Gaurishankar, Melungtse, Melungtse II… which have several climbs, but ice climbing is a little-done activity in Rolwaling.

It is a remote place, several days away walking from the nearest road and with little information regarding ice cascades so we did not know exactly what we were going to find.

There was less ice than expected and sometimes of poor quality. However we were the only climbers in the whole valley so the opportunities were endless, we could choose any waterfall, being aware that no mistake was admissible. We were in such a remote area that any small accident could become a big problem.