Errefuxiatuak. Nostalgia, Memoria y Exilio @ Photomuseum

Errefuxiatuak. Nostalgia, Memoria y Exilio @ Photomuseum (Zarautz)16/06/2021 – 25/07/2021 – Errefuxiatuak.pdf La exposición se vertebra en tres espacios: Bidasoa, Éxodo y Memoria Histórica, recogiendo la obra gráfica de: Andoni Lubaki, Diego Ibarra, Santi Palacios, Ricardo García Vilanova, Javi Julio, Daniel Castro, Juantxo Egaña, Jesús Elosegui, Philippe Gaussot y Arkaitz Saiz. La Humanidad a lo largo… Continue reading Errefuxiatuak. Nostalgia, Memoria y Exilio @ Photomuseum

Rolwaling Ice Climbing @ TrangoWorld

Mountain climbers and guides Dani Ascaso and Santi Padros enter the remote Rolwaling Valley in the Nepali Himalayas. Rolwaling is known for its mountains such as Gaurishankar, Melungtse, Melungtse II… which have several climbs, but ice climbing is a little-done activity in Rolwaling. It is a remote place, several days away walking from the nearest… Continue reading Rolwaling Ice Climbing @ TrangoWorld

HAZIA (teaser)

Hazia [seed in Basque] is a documentary project about the meaning of the land from the point of view of different protagonists. For some people, like Ceberio, cultivate their garden has always been a pleasant place where they can escape from daily problems, to feel fulfilled by the work. To see how food grew from… Continue reading HAZIA (teaser)